Can Fixed Prices On Used Cars Lead You To A “Hassle Free” Buying Experience

Many polls taken by experts on used vehicle acquisition point to one aspect of the whole process that ranks first on stress meter. That is the price. Many people are just not into the whole “back and forth” negotiation process. As a result, many dealers are taking this cause of angst away by fixing non-negotiable prices to their vehicles. This makes the experience a more pleasant and positive one. Its easy in and easy out. All the consumer has to worry about is getting into the right vehicle, because the of pricing has been pre-determined.

However, does this take an important tool away from the consumer? I think it does. Price negotiation can save the consumer hundreds, and, in some cases, even thousands of dollars. I know the “give and take” can be a nerve racking experience. However, the consequences of allowing a dealer to set his own price and to rely on that price as the proper and fair price is kind of letting the rooster loose in the hen house so to speak. This is not to suggest that every dealer is unfair in their pricing and are asking way too much. Please be advised, that there is absolutely nothing wrong with asking the dealer to take less than what he is asking. The dealer expects this and prepares for it in his price structuring. Most of the time, playing “hardball” is worth it. It means more money in your pocket. It is hard for me to believe that a dealer will walk away from a sale if you ask for a discount. In all my years of experience, the dealer will make some concession to make you a customer.

You must do some research about the vehicle you are considering when you are negotiating. Arm yourself with knowledge about pricing by going to independent sites like Kelly Blue or These sites give you an idea of what a fair asking price is on almost every vehicle a dealer offers.

The main point here is, that doing away with bartering for a price, even though distasteful to some, does take away a useful tool from the consumer. Our suggestion here is to negotiate anyway. Even though a price is listed and you are led to believe it is set in stone, offer less or ask for more add ons. A great tactic, especially for women, is to state that the vehicle is just too expensive for your budget, and you can only afford to pay this much instead of what is listed. You may be misleading the dealer a bit, but he won’t make a deal unless it benefits his bottom line. If he lets you walk out at your offer, then you have crossed a line where he cannot make a profit. My suggestion here is to reassess your strategy and agree, albeit begrudgingly, to a price increase if you still want the vehicle.
Be wary of the “after sell”. By that, I mean expensive extended warranties or added accessories or service contracts that can make the dealer, in many cases, more money than the actual sale. These add ons may have some usefulness but you should try to negotiate them into the purchase price. Happy hunting from the folks

The Real Cost Of An Auction Vehicle

There is a new ap designed for your smart phone that supposedly informs the user of the “hidden” price that a dealer pays for a used car at auctions. Well, isn’t that just the most clever and informative use of an ap for the prospective used car buyer ever!  It takes all the guess work out of the buying process for you.  So, it appears that the customer dictates what the dealer should charge and what the dealer is entitled to make on the vehicle he offers to the buying public.

Here are some factors that this “ap” doesn’t take into consideration.  One is the purchase fee charged at auctions. This fee includes guarantees that the vehicle purchased is free of salvage history, free of liens, and has no mileage discrepancies.  This fee is added on to the purchase price after the buy is made.  It insures that the paper trail of the vehicle is trouble free.

Another factor is the overhead of the car lot that is offering the vehicle for sale.  It does cost money to conduct business, and that is painfully obvious to everyone who pays a mortgage or rent or has to make payroll.  That clearly has to be included in the asking price of an auction purchase. Does this new “ap” include this?  I think  not.

Another consideration is the cost of rehabilitating the vehicle.  This can include mechanical and/or cosmetic repairs. Speaking from experience, almost every vehicle acquired from an auction needs some “tweaking” and this is an inevitability no matter how good you are a buying vehicles.  No matter how keen your eye may be, every vehicle needs something. Based on that reality the cost of the vehicle has to increase.

Therefore, this mobile ap can prove to be almost useless after taking into consideration these truths about auction vehicle acquisition costs.  The best way to insure that you are getting a good deal is not to be married to a certain formula where you submit a bunch of numbers and conditions and then a price pops out at you end the end.  Use your own judgement about the quality of the product and the reliability of the dealer

Addressing BHPH Pricing Concerns

We here at have found that here is a pressing need from the buy here pay here consumer for accurate information about pricing for the typical buy here pay here vehicle. It is true that the typical buy here pay here car lot charges more for their vehicles. Quite frankly these dealers must, given the poor repayment percentage. The collection rate is only around 65%. Another factor is the down time before the dealer starts to make a profit on the vehicle sold. Oftentimes, the dealer must wait up to two years before he realizes a profit.
Therefore, what can you expect to pay for your BHPH vehicle? Is there a guideline? What is fair? Am I paying too much? What type of vehicle am I buying? How reliable is it? These are common and reasonable question to ask yourself before making the commitment to make that purchase.

This is why we have launched a new website dedicated to answering all of these questions. We are proud and pleased to have developed BHPH Prices.

Why should I trust this site to provide accurate and trustworthy information may be your next question? The principles who have established this new site have over 60 years of combined experience in the automotive sales field. We have a working understanding of what fair pricing on the typical BHPH vehicle should be. We have painstakingly provided pricing on the huge inventory of typical BHPH vehicles. Our legwork gives the visitor easy access and accurate information about dealers in their particular area and what the visitor should expect to pay for the vehicle that they are considering. We also provide helpful tips for the BHPH consumer ranging from choosing a dealer to down payment requirements. Another important feature that our site affords, is a video review of many of the vehicles that the consumer encounters on the BHPH car lot. We have a working experience with many of these vehicles. We have purchased, sold, readied, repaired, and driven most of these vehicles. Consequently, when we give our opinion about them, it is born from an actual knowledge of that vehicle.

Please visit and take advantage of our wealth of knowledge. Please add your comments and contact us with questions and concerns. Good luck and happy hunting folks.