Left Wing Tolerance!

The party of tolerance, diversity, and minority rights, has very little tolerance for those who do not share their belief system. They share precious little tolerance for views THEY deem DIFFERENT.

If you want to celebrate Christmas by erecting a creche, that is intolerable. If you want to smoke a cigarette on a bus you are prevented from doing so., but if you break the law and smoke pot, you should not be treated as a criminal. If you believe in capital punishment for the guilty you are barbaric. but, if you oppose the killing of an innocent child in the womb, you are a right wing crazy. If you oppose forced sex education in public schools, you are out of touch, but if you support your child’s right to pray you are violating someone’s civil rights. If you are a Mormon, then you belong to a cult, but, if you are an atheist, your non-belief has to be respected. You are a big supporter of green energy, but you find no problem with environmentalists like Al Gore, flying in private jets to give speeches about the evils of oil drilling and coal mining. You are big advocate of taking guns away from the people by subverting the 2nd amendment, yet, you are fine with liberal elitists hiring well armed body guards to watch over their families You vilify the rich as evil puppet-masters who make the middle class squirm, yet, have no issue with Nancy Pelosi leasing a $19,000 per month office in her district and having a private jet at her disposal when she was the speaker of the house. You are an ardent supporter of an oil drilling ban in the Gulf of Mexico, but do not see the duplicity in Obama’s 2 billion dollar loan guarantees to Brazil to develop THEIR offshore oil sites.(I thought the earth belonged to everyone). You label republican senators as obstructionist when they filibustered Obama’s leftist legislation, but, labeled the democratic senators who FLED Wisconsin so a an anti-union bill wouldn’t come up for a vote as heroes. The list goes on and on. The hypocrisy of the Democrats is so blatant it is mind numbing. I think it was that great political strategist Sol Alinsky who so brilliantly put it.and I am paraphrasing here…..accuse your opposition of doing exactly what you are doing. This confuses and diverts attention away from you. When Obama promised no special interests would influence his decision making, did he mean that billionaire George Soros and union head Richard Trumpka would not be frequent White House visitors. When Nancy Pelosi announced there would be no deficit spending was she looking beyond the biggest budget deficit that any country has faced since the dawn of time?

When will things change? When will a leader emerge who is truly interested in rescuing America and not continually posturing for re-election like our current president? What’s going to happen to us? Are we lost? Are we aimless? We have the best framework that nay nation in the history of the world was ever provided in the United States Constitution. Who will make it work? the party of Tolerance just tried and they have failed miserably!

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