The Liberal False Promise

Quote Rush Limbaugh:

“Liberalism is hideous. It is the antithesis of being pro-human. It looks at life as a burden in and of itself to be managed, rather than as a blessing to be explored and lived to the fullest”.

The Conservative icon can make observations that are quite profound. I believe he is spot on with this one.. Who, in any society wants to be managed, controlled, told what to do, when to do it, and how to do it. I’ll tell you who. People who cannot survive on their own and who embrace government as their savior. I do not agree with everything Rush Limbaugh says. but, I do believe he is spot on with this one.

Liberalism implies that people have a difficult time managing their lives. The liberal world view perpetuates the belief that people need help in managing the daily rigors of life. The liberal solution to this is to grow government to the extent that it will unburden you with all of the responsibilities that they assume many find too difficult to deal with.

Some examples of life’s’ challenges are providing yourself with the basic necessities, like food, shelter,and health care. They are willing to provide all of these for you, but it comes at a price. That price is your freedom to chose. They will provide food for you and your family, but you have to eat what they want you to eat. There are restrictions as to what you are allowed to purchase using the federally funded food stamp program. Don’t fill your shopping cart with any “junk food” items because they will be rejected at the check-out counter. The president’s wife has jumped on the childhood obesity epidemic in the United States. She wants you to eat healthy. She wants your kids to take apple slices to school instead of cupcakes and brownies, while her family chows down on ribs, fried chicken, and ice cream. Those menu choices were part of the fare at the White House Super Bowl party. By the way, liberals are also very adept at telling you how to mange your life while doing quite the opposite themselves.

Liberals will be happy to provide shelter for you and yours. However, there are restrictions as to how much they will pay for your housing. That often means living in public housing, which is generally unsafe and unkempt.

The government is more than willing to provide health care. The new health care entitlement assures that. However, this new law is filled with uncertainty and doubt. The ancillary impact of this is to prevent business from hiring and expanding because of the unknown costs. We still don’t know how the implementation of this is going to affect actual medical care. Many companies are getting waivers delaying implementation. That sends huge warning signs that it probably is going to be less than promised and promoted.

What all of this government stewardship does to an individual’s life is to take away the incentive to improve an individual’s life circumstance. It stifles achievement and a person’s drive to better themselves. If life proves to be too difficult, don’t worry. There will always be a liberal happy to provide. Just tow the party line!!!

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