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All BHPH Car Dealers are greedy.

-BHPH Car dealers have a right to make money like any other business in the world but you have to ask yourself this question. If I (the customer) complain about my car to the dealer and everyone else I know then the dealer will be gaining a negative reputation in the area as a "bad car dealer". Do you think the dealer wants this reputation? The answer is know. No dealer or business wants a negative reputation. Generally, they will do everything they can for you to make you a satisfield customer.

BHPH car dealers want to repo. the vehicles they sell because when they take them back they can then resell them for a profit.

-This isn't true because if a car dealer repos a car from one of it's customers then resells the car and makes a profit then the dealer owes the difference to the customer, which means you'll be making money in this circumstance.

All BHPH Car Dealers are liars

-We'll admit there are some pretty big liars in the BHPH car business but it's your job to do your due dilience and not do business with them. We recommend you visit sites like, etc ... to help with the dealer picking process.

-Most reputable BHPH car dealers aren't liars. If they're been in business for a number of years and have acquired great repuations throught out the years then we recommend doing business with these types of dealerships. Always remember to do your due diligence while buying a car and searching for a dealer to do business with.

Every car a BHPH dealer sells is junk!

-This isn't true because if it were then the dealership would go out of business very quickly. BHPH dealers want in earnest to sell quality vehicles because they want to keep the customer on the road and in return they can continue to get paid. Now if it turns out the vehicle you purchased turned out to be junk then we recommend you call the dealership and take it back, get them to fix it or exchange it for something else.

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