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Interview with Deanna Sclar of "Auto Repair For Dummies" Tell a Friend

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What made you want to write "Auto Repair for Dummies"?

I was so impressed by the fact that by doing the basic maintenance on your vehicle yourself you could
1.Save lots of money
2.Do your bit for the environment because a well-tuned car runs more efficiently, which increases its fuel economy and decreases air pollution. Also wanted to provide fuel-saving driving and vehicle streamlining tips, data on recycling tires, batteries, used oil and coolant, etc. And provide data on alternative fuels and such alternative vehicles as hybrids and electric, natural gas, biodiesels, etc.

Have you always had a passion for wanting to fix automobiles?

No. I've always loved cars since my parents bought their first one when I was 7, but had no desire to fix them. In fact, I never even drove until I was 25 and moved from NYC (where even if you could survive the traffic it was impossible to find parking) to California, where I had to drive the freeways to get to work. I was worried that I was too ignorant to know if my vehicle was about to break down or blow up so I took an evening adult ed auto class, where I realized how easy it is to understand how vehicles operate and fascinating it is to see how the various systems relate to one another. Since it was a "hands-on" class, I found that even "Thumbs Sclar (never had much faith in my manual dexterity) could do basic maintenance and simple repairs, which saved me lots of money, was good for the environment, made my used car run better than ever and was extremely "empowering."

Besides "Auto Repair for Dummies" what other books have you written?

"Buying a Car for Dummies" is the companion volume to "Auto Repair for Dummies." The title is misleading (ah, publishers....) because it covers everything one needs to know about cars and money:

Buying new and used vehicles (with worksheets and checklists for checking them out), selling your car, financing (leasing vs. owning), warranties and guarantees, renting vehicles (you wouldn't believe the opportunities to get ripped off!), insuring (finding the right company and coverage, documenting accidents and getting satisfaction on insurance claims, ), keeping the car from being stolen (and yourself from being carjacked!), finding a good mechanic (and communicating with them), and how to get satisfaction on any type of complaint, etc. You can read the TOC on Amazon for more details.

I've written other books, including The Glove Compartment Guide, and Housemates: A Practical Guide to Living with Other People, but they are not currently available.

Do you plan on writing any more books in the future?

Yes, but probably not about cars, and definitely not another "Dummies" book for reasons too sensitive to go into here.

According to you didn't drive until you turned 25. Why is that?

See above.

As vehicles become more complex do you see a time when the "do it yourself" auto mechanic will be obsolete?

No. There will always be basic maintenance to be done, troubleshooting cuts time and labor costs with mechanics and prevents rip-offs, and simple repairs will still be within the abilities of most owners, and the ability to do a basic check-up of fluids, hoses, belts, tires, leaks, etc. will still prevent what is currently 70% of the reasons you might break down on the road.

If you could own an car what vehicle would you want to own?

Right now, for aesthetic reasons, the "sexy Volvo" attracts me and that high-priced Audi sports car makes me salivate. Both are "pie in the sky" for economic reasons, and because I've called for high-fuel economy vehicles since 1976 on over 700 radio and TV appearances, I bought a Prius in 2004 and will continue to drive it. After close to 7 years I only have 13,500 miles on it because, as a writer who works from home I don't drive much. But I did want to "put my money where my mouth is!" I'm not up for electric vehicles or plug-in hybrids right now because, for most of us, the only source of electricity comes from plants fired by coal and petroleum. Once alternative sources of electric energy are readily available I'll be very enthusiastic about electric vehicles, but it ain't happened yet.

If you could fix any car in the world, which car would you want to fix?

Don't want to fix any of them. I'm not a mechanic and most repairs require specialized tools, perhaps a hoist, and mechanical and electronic training. Do, please, make the distinction between fixing cars and maintaining them. The title of "Auto Repair for Dummies" is misleading. It should be "Autobiles for Dummies" because it is not a repair manual. It is a basic primer on how vehicles work and how to maintain them, troubleshoot, and do simple repairs. Of course I suggested the title be changed for the newest edition -- which, by the way, is the first "Green" car book -- but, as usual, the publisher refused.

Thanks Deanna!

-Shane from Buy Here Pay Here Car Lots


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