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How can car dealers benefit from purchasing a GPS tracking system from

Our Smart Tracker device is relatively inexpensive and there is NO monthly service fee. It is pay per use. 5 pings or locates for as little as $3.95. It can locate the vehicle in real time on demand. If you never have to locate the vehicle you never pay for service. If they need to locate, they can go to their account (web based service) and enter their user name and password to buy locates as needed.

Please tell me about a few of your GPS tracking system(s). What features do they have?

We have passive and active or "live" tracking devices. Some need to be hardwired, others are portable battery operated devices. Some use rechargeable batteries, others disposable batteries. Just a few of the many features include knowledge of where the vehicle was by day, date and time. Speed traveled anywhere along the route, idle time, miles traveled, addresses where stopped and for how long at each stop, geo fencing, speed traps and alerts, mapping including Virtual and Google Earth with birdseye viewing.

If you had to pick one product is most proud of, what would that product be and why?

Tough call. We are most proud of all of our devices. We feel we represent the top 10% of quality hardware manufactured by anyone anywhere. Our proprietary NavIQ software is second to none. Combined that is an unbeatable formula.

Can a car dealer or regular consumer conceal your GPS tracking from it's customers?

Yes, the small device hides easily out of view up and under the dash. If you are asking about this from a legal perspective I would defer to an attorney as I am not qualified to make legal assertions.

What's your hottest selling product this year? Does have any new exciting products for 2010?

Probably a tie between the Smart Tracker, the Informer Lite and the Tracking Key. We will be introducing a few new products in 2010. One exciting product will be a tracker with interface to a GPS to automatically route or re-route the driver to an address.

As with any GPS tracking product training is very important. Can you please tell me about how you train dealers to install the product. Is it a diffucult process or is it fairly straightforward?

It is fairly straightforward. We include installation instructions but many people do not have the tools or skill set to install so we have partnered with the Installernet network. They have 1700 professional installers coast-to-coast. Installation with them is usually $99.95.

If a new or used car dealer is thinking about purchasing your product and you had one sales pitch line to use, what would you tell that new/used car dealer?

SERVICE AFTER the sale is as important as the hardware choice. KNOW the company you are about to partner with. We provide all of the backend support for the products we represent including customer service and tech support.

Can a car dealer transfer your GPS tracking devices from one vehicle to another?

Yes they can,no problem.

Where do you see the GPS tracking business 10 years from now?

Although vehicle tracking has been around for many years, the technology and tracking ability improves yearly. The product is easy to use and the information is sensational, providing companies and individuals quality data about their vehicles whereabouts. Individuals are just now starting to understand this product exists and will be the backbone of future growth. I see this product as the next cell phone phenomena as sales to individuals are beginning to snowball as they did with cell phones.

Thanks Gary of

-Shane from


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