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How can car dealers benefit from purchasing a GPS tracking system from

The beneficial aspect of purchasing a GPS tracking system is the numerous abilities that are provided to not only protect your financial investment but, to also secure and safeguard your assets. The capability to locate on demand allows dealers to monitor their vehicles at any time, ensuring that all vehicles are secure and protected from theft and financial risks.

Please tell me about your GPS tracking system. What features does it have?

Global Tracking Communications GPS tracking system is specifically engineered to interpret coded satellite signals that provide raw data from the GSM/GPRS network satellites; this data is then coded into easy to use applications for our customers. Our customers have the capabilities to monitor essential functions of both costly and daily business operations. Features include multiple real-time reports and alerts targeting major expenditures such as gas consumption, idle times, vehicle maintenance, after hours misuse of company vehicles, geo-fence capabilities, bread crumb trails, virtual time clocks, temperature monitoring and mapping, including destination and location status. These key features provide reports that can be accessed anytime through our web-based interface, users also receive notification alerts set at designated time intervals based upon the customer’s account settings.

Research has shown during a recession the BHPH business usually does better then it's non-BHPH used/ new car dealer competitors. Can you see this in sales volume this year?


As new car dealer profits get squeezed by manufacturers are you seeing an uptick in sales to new car dealers?

Not too much

Can a car dealer conceal the GPS tracking system from it's customers?

Absolutely. We recommend it.

Is there a tax advantage when you purchase a GPS tracking system from

There are not only tax advantages but also automotive insurance advantages that you can benefit from. Section 179 of the IRS tax code (Form 4562) allows small and medium size businesses to deduct the full purchase price of qualifying equipment that has been implemented and purchased or financed during the 2009 tax year. GPS tracking systems and hardware are qualifying equipment that can be deducted from total gross income. The capped amount that can be written off in 2009 is $250,000, if this amount is exceed there are bonus depreciation opportunities.

Is this product available to people outside of the BHPH business?

All GTC’s products are made available to consumers ranging from single consumers to large business and government. GTC is a solution based company providing custom applications and the tools necessary to assist in modifying and simplifying all day to day operations.

Please tell me about the installation process. Is this diffucult process or is it easy?

GTC’s installation process is specifically designed for efficient and prompt installation. All GPS tracking products are shipped with detailed installation guides that have both descriptive instructions and images. For further installation assistance, our customer support is available and our TEAM of experts are all very knowledgeable and helpful.

2010 is coming very quickly. Where do you see sales in 2010? Are you rolling out any new products in 2010?

We are always working on New Products. We are hoping to launch a few of them this coming year. These units usually pertain to company Feleet vehicles.

If a new or used car dealer is thinking about purchasing your product and you had one sales pitch line to use, what would you tell that new/used car dealer?

This financial investment will strengthen the security of your business, vehicles and assets, along with this purchase you will also benefit from the value of trust GTC has in its products, services and commitment in serving our customers.

Thank you Krystal.

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