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Interview with Sean Fournier of Tell a Friend

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How can a small business or corporation benefit from doing business with

Businesses can benefit many ways and its different for each company. Service companies (plumbers, HVAC, electrical) with a lot of vehicles use our product to dispatch closest vehicle-to-job, or they use the GPS device to "audit" what is recorded by their employee. eg. employee says he was at a job for 3 hours, but the GPS proves he was there only 2 hours. GPS Tracking eliminates moonlighting, off hours vehicle usage, stolen gas (our product monitors gas consumption). GPS also assists from potential dangers like being lost, car-jackings, thefts.

What is your main product at Where do you see this product 10-15 years down the road?

Our product is called LINK. Its a very small robust electronic device which reports it location (and other details) wirelessly and in real-time all the time to one of our network centres. These types of products have been around for 15 years already... the only thing thats changed is they are getting smaller, reporting more information, and getting cheaper. In 10 years, the device may be integrated into the vehicle at manufacturing and may cost less than $10/month.

As vehicles become more expensive in the years ahead do you see a time when everyone on the road will be using a GPS device? From your average citizen to the fortune 500 company?

Yes, its inevitable. It will become a requirement through either insurance companies, or government (probably both). People like their privacy but they like being safe even more.

What's your hottest selling product this year? Does have any new exciting products for 2010?

proLINK is what we sell most. We're introducing a personal tracker as well as a per-per-use product which will be a big hit with vehicle/equipment rental companies in spring of 2010.

As with any GPS tracking product training is very important. Can you please tell me about how you train your customers to install the product. Is it a difficult process or is it fairly straightforward?

We recommend one of our 250 installers (3rd party) nationwide, or any mechanic. We provide vehicle specific, fully detailed instructions. Most installs take under 1 hour by first timers. Experienced installers are getting them installed in 20 minutes. Installation costs vary between $75 - $125. Once installed, customers call us for 1-on-1 training with our experience support staff.

Sean, I understand does business with mostly commercial vehicle companies but if a new or used car dealer approached you and is thinking about purchasing your product and you had one sales pitch line to use, what would you tell that new/used car dealer?

"Safety, Security, Productivity. You get them all with GPS Police but which is most valuable to you?"

Can a customer of transfer the GPS tracking device from one vehicle to another?

Yes, any number of times and with a lifetime warranty.

Why do your customers love LINK so much. Why do they find this product so appealing?

"It just works." is what our customers keep telling us. We put a user friendly interface to a very power and very complex technology. We developed everything we sell and our customers are a phone call away from a product developer tech support or an experienced sales person tech.

Where do you see the GPS tracking business 10 years from now?

I see a some of it being integrated at the manufacturer level (like OnStar w/GM) for the mass consumer market. Businesses will continue to use GPS Tracking companies, like GPS Police, because we offer specialized solutions for specifics industries. Products and services will continue to decrease in price as it becomes more common.

Thank you Sean.

-Sean Fournier of

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