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South Carolina Bad Credit Automobile Car Loans

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Do you have bad credit and you think your only hope in getting into a new or used car is by getting approved for a car loan? Despite your damaged credit history, do you need a second chance? In this article, we'll give you advice on how to go about procuring a bad credit car loan relatively easily and painlessly, regardless of your credit history or status. Then, once we walk you through some of the basic initial steps you can take to practically guarantee loan approval, we'll tell you where you can apply for those bad credit car loans that can ultimately change your lifestyle - and your credit - for the better. And the really great news is even if you have bad credit, you'll be able to find a number of online subprime lenders that will be willing to approve you for a car loan without the need of a down payment.

If you reside in South Carolina, have particularly bad credit and really need to get yourself into a cheap, used car or even a new car, this article is for you.

Below are some basic tips and steps that you will better your odds of getting approved fast for a car loan, even with damaged credit:

If you have bad credit, one of the first things you should begin focusing on is in repairing your credit rating, and getting back on solid ground. If you have bills (and who doesn't?), make sure to make payments on time, even if those payments are only minimum monthly amounts. If you want to get approved for a car loan, you want to show at least three months of regular payment history on your credit report, with no derogatory items during that time. After six months of making regular payments, you'll notice that your credit score will begin to move in a positive direction rather steadily. When it comes to rebuilding your credit, making monthly minimums in a timely fashion is a good habit to get into.

Now that you are on the road to repairing your credit, one of the preliminary things you should figure out is what you can afford in terms of monthly car payments. Once you have a number in mind that you're comfortable with, you have two options. You can begin visiting car dealerships (make sure to speak directly with the financing / refinancing departments), and give them an honest snapshot of your financial situation, and what you can afford to pay on a monthly basis. They'll then run through your car buying / leasing options. Incidentally, ask them not to run your credit, since too many credit inquiries can quickly add up on your credit report, and not only scare potential lenders off, but they can also negatively impact your credit score.

The other direction you can take is to apply for a bad credit car loan online. In South Carolina, you'll be able to find a number of quality subprime lenders online that will approve you for a car loan as long as you meet some basic requirements (over 18 years of age, have a steady job, etc). The process is relatively easy, and consists of filling out an online application which is then usually sent across a network of other subprime lenders that are likely to approve you based on your financial circumstances. Then it's up to you to select the online lender that's offering the best deal in terms of car loan rates and terms.

One of the advantages of getting a car loan approved online is that you'll be able to then take that loan agreement to most car dealerships and get into your ideal car with little to no haggling.

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