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There are plenty of options out there when it comes time to purchase a used vehicle, even if your credit isn’t exactly in fighting shape. Traditional options like used car lots and individual sellers are now joined by the likes of the internet to provide shoppers with an unbelievable number of choices. Unfortunately, lending practices have grown tighter as the recession deepens, and hard-working people who would have had no problem finding financing two years ago are now being turned away from dealers and banks alike.

How Much Should You Pay For Your Next BHPH Vehicle?

When this happens, most buyers are presented with two possible options. First, they can settle for a less expensive, lower quality vehicle with high miles. No one likes to jump into a used vehicle that may end up costing them thousands more in repairs just a few months down the road. Fortunately, a second option exists — Buy Here Pay Here dealerships. These dealers are also known as in house financing car lots or tote the note dealers. Relatively new additions to the used car buying experience, Buy Here Pay Here Car Lots allow individuals to rebuild their credit while driving a high-quality used vehicle at the same time.

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Buy Here Pay Here Car Lots Blog

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The BHPH buying experience differs from traditional used car buying in one key way. Usually, the buyer looks around on a car lot , finds a vehicle he or she likes, asks all the right questions and goes for a test drive. Once the decision to purchase has been made, the salesperson usually sits down with the buyer to discuss financing options. There are variations on the theme, but by and large price negotiation doesn’t begin until after the buyer has selected his or her vehicle.

With a BHPH system, the transaction works in reverse. The search for a quality used vehicle begins by meeting a salesperson and answering a few questions. Usually, the salesperson will ask buyers about employment history, debt load and what they’re comfortable with in the way of a car payment. The dealership may also obtain a credit report, though not always. A buyer may be asked to supply a list of references – people who know the buyer and will vouch for his or her personal integrity. Since buy here pay here car lots tend to rely less on an individual’s credit history than traditional used car lots, personal impressions and references play a large role in whether or not the dealer will provide financing.

Once a fair monthly payment is arranged after potential trade-in and down payment information is settled, the salesperson will then show the buyer vehicles to fit his or her price range. The result is a much more straight-forward approach to car buying. The dealer now has a good picture of the buyer’s financial situation and can direct them toward a quality vehicle that won’t strain the budget. That’s a big difference from most traditional dealers. These dealers are also known as in house financing car dealers.

The reason for the difference is simple. Since buy here pay here car dealerships don’t use an external lender, they finance buyers themselves. This allows the dealership to provide loans to individuals who may not otherwise be able to get financing, but it also means payments may be different from a standard auto loan. Most BHPH dealers require weekly or bi-weekly payments, sometimes in person only. That means the buyer must hand the dealership his or her payment in cash twice a month instead of dropping a check in the mail or paying over the phone. If you intend to purchase a vehicle through a BHPH dealership, make sure you fully understand payment stipulations.

The BHPH system isn’t designed for everyone. Individuals with a solid credit history may find a wider selection of newer vehicles at traditional used car dealerships. Still, for those whose financial past may have a few shady areas and need a second chance at getting back on track, the BHPH system can provide an excellent used vehicle and rebuild credit scores at the same time. We've also assembled a list of no credit check car dealerships. These dealerships offer bad credit financing as well. *

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*Disclaimer: We do not endorse any dealerships on Some of these dealers may not be "buy here pay here" dealers. Some may not offer "in-house", "bad credit" and some may not be "tote the note" dealerships. Some of them may run your credit. Please call them to verify. Also, if your a dealer and would like to be taken off this site, please email us here.

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