10 Ways to Improve your Credit Score after Bankruptcy


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10 Ways to Improve your Credit Score after Bankruptcy

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Here, we'll give you some advice that you can take to the bank, literally. Here are 10 ways to improve your credit score after bankruptcy. If you've ever wondered "How can I get started on the right track?", just follow the steps below and you'll be well on your way to credit score repair fast.

1. Apply for a secured credit card. They're easy to get since the credit limit is guaranteed and matches a deposit that you've made. If you rarely use the card, but make your monthly minimum payments, you'll improve your credit score in no time. How does that work? Well, lenders look at credit card history as one of the most important credit barometers. If you have solid credit card history, you'll be on the right track with them.

2. No matter the bankruptcy that you had to file, whether it's a Chapter 5, Chapter 7 or other, they all offer you a fresh start. Be diligent in paying all new vendors on time this time around. In six months of making timely payments, your score will begin to get better.

3. Let's not forget foreclosures, which can also dramatically lower credit scores. If you've had a foreclosure, but managed to get in a new home with a mortgage, make sure to make those payments in a timely fashion as well.

4. If you have any still AND YOU'RE OVER EXTENDED, make sure to pay off all outstanding credit cards that you have. Start with the card that has the highest interest rate, then attack the one with the second highest interest rate. And so on and so forth…

5. If you're NOT overextended but still have credit cards, don't pay down and close them off necessarily. Pay down to ALMOST their entirety, then just make your monthly minimums. This will be a big boost to your credit score, since it will indicated that you're actively and successfully managing several credit cards.

6. After filing bankruptcy, get an update copy of your credit report. Make sure that there aren't any lingering balances, and that all discharges are noted appropriately. Sometimes, errors are made, so it helps to double-check.

7. Piggyback on someone else's good credit. Most credit applications have a section where a second person can be added to a credit account. If you find friends that will work with you, try to be listed in this section on their accounts, since their good credit will rub off on your report.

8. Don't apply for any kind of credit that you don't need. Every time there's a credit inquiry done on your record, you'll lower your credit score. So, restrict all credit applications to only those that are necessary - not frivolous.

9. Any credit types that you get following a bankruptcy should be a diverse mix. Lenders look at a variety of installment loans, like a car loan, personal loan, and mortgage as a good thing, so don't just center your credit score repair around revolving credit, like credit cards.

10. Check your credit report regularly. When you bring an account to term and close it out, get an updated copy of your credit report and make sure that those successful updates are noted.

There you have it, our basic credit report repair how to. These are simple ways to repair the effect of bad credit, poor credit or no credit following a bankruptcy or foreclosure.

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10 Ways to Improve your Credit Score after Bankruptcy

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