How do I dispute my credit report - Easy Answer To A Big Problem


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How do I dispute my credit report?

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Often, errors are found on credit reports.

Our first bit of advice is to get a copy of your credit report (which you are allowed to get for free from each of the three major credit bureaus once a year), and review it very carefully. Look for any damaging details to your credit.

One damaging detail that you might find is too many inquiries on your report by potential creditors, which can be interpreted by other creditors as a red flag that you're having financial problems, and are therefore applying for credit at several places to offset the situation. If you see a number of inquiries, be prepared to write a short positive statement that explains the high number of inquiries. We'll get into that statement a little further along.

Your credit report should include an account summary with all of your creditors, rated either positive, negative, or non-rated. An example of a positive rating is making timely payments on your auto loan. A negative rating results from defaulting on a major debt. Non-rated entries could be a few late payments. If you find any negative or non-rated remarks on your report that are erroneous, you can challenge them.

To challenge any erroneous credit report entries, write a letter to the credit bureau in question (the one who sent you the report specifically) and point out the errors. The credit bureau then needs to verify the validity of the entries with the debt's creditor. If the creditor isn't able to prove the validity of their entry, then the credit bureau is obliged to modify the entry on your report.

Keep in mind that your dispute letter to the credit bureau should be concise, brief and to the point, taking care to note any and all errors found.

Here's a helpful hint: as mentioned, you can get a free credit report from each of the major three credit bureaus once a year. Just because one credit bureau has reported a negative item doesn't mean that another credit bureau has done the same for that same item. Therefore, it would behoove you to get a credit report from each of the three major credit bureaus and review each one carefully. If you find erroneous items, know that you would need to dispute them to each of the credit bureaus on whose reports those items appear in order to have a true impact on your credit score.

Yes, writing to all three of the major credit bureaus if necessary can be a pain but it's well worth the trouble. Having negative items wiped off of all three reports can have a dramatic impact on your credit rating and credit score - and that improved rating and score can pay you back in spades in terms of getting approved for that car loan, or that house, or that American Express card.
Follow the steps outlined above to get your credit in good standing and to start enjoying the benefits of a stronger credit score and rating.

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