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I have bad credit and I need help getting a car with low monthly payments, what do I do? Tell a Friend

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If you need a car, and have bad credit, you might wonder what your options are. In fact, you might even be wondering if you have any options at all.
Do you?

A resounding yes.

Here in this article, we'll help you by telling you everything you need to know about getting into a car with low monthly payments, even if you have particularly damaged credit or even no credit at all.

Here's our first tip that should put your mind at ease immediately. Even if you have bad credit, no credit, are going through a divorce or even a bankruptcy, you'll find a number of financial institutions that will help you get on your feet, and give you a second chance towards fixing your credit and improving your credit score.

Online, you'll find a number of subprime lenders that specialize in helping folks with really bad credit get approved for car loans.

As well, on a local level, you should be able to find credit unions and local banks that will help you out, especially if you already have a preexisting business relationship with them. With credit unions and local banks, you'll often find they'll offer you better terms and lower interest rates on car loans, meaning your monthly payments will usually be lower than they would be with online subprime lenders.

What else can you do to get approved for a car loan with lowered payments? That's where a creditworthy co signer, if you can find one, comes in. If you bring a trusted co signer with you during your application process, your credit will be able to 'hijack' his or her good credit, which will create an immediate boon to your credit score. As well, you'll better your chances of getting approved faster. Sure, a co-signer takes on a certain degree of risk in the event that you default on your loan agreement, but there are also a number of safety measures that may be able to be put into place in the agreement that would absolve him or her under certain specific circumstances. In any case, getting a credit worthy co signer on your agreement will not only facilitate your loan approval, it will get you better loan terms, ultimately lowering your car payments.

Now that we've covered how to get a car loan with low monthly payments, a little word about what you can do to begin repairing your bad credit. Apply for an easy to get secured credit card, making sure that the credit card company reports your payment activity to all three major credit bureaus. To get a secured credit card, you'll essentially have to make a deposit that will be equal to the credit limit on your card. Then use your card sparingly but make sure to make your monthly minimum payments regularly. In a matter of short months of making timely payments, your credit score will improve and you'll then be taking those first steps towards getting back on solid ground again.


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