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Buying A Car in Atlanta, GA With Only 500 Down

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You Can Buy a Car in Atlanta with a $500 Down Payment
Do you currently need a car? Has your credit seen better days? Don't despair if you need a vehicle and you can only lay $500 down on the negotiating table. Of course, that sum might not be realistic if you have your sets sight on an upscale luxury car like a Mercedes. However, in Atlanta, if you focus on purchasing reasonably-priced transportation, you can buy a car with a small down payment.

Determine the Dealer's Down Payment Policy
In Atlanta, you can find a used car dealer who will work with you at brick-and-mortar locations as well as online. However, it's probably best to start online where you can take your time and survey the selections. Before you peruse the offerings at the various dealerships though, give them a call. Ask the sales manager if he absolutely requires a down payment and, if so, find out what minimum amount he'll agree to accept. In most instances, and certainly in the current economic climate, dealers want to sell cars. Therefore, many can afford to be a little lenient. Once you determine their down payment policy, you can search for the cars you are interested in online at the dealers that will provide the terms you require.

Obtain a CARFAX Report
You'll want to check out the amount of mileage on the car as well as its overall condition. Make sure you obtain a CARFAX report on each vehicle that you like as well. Many used car dealers provide links to free CARFAX reports on their web site so take advantage of this benefit if you can. If you find a dealer in Atlanta that doesn't provide a CARFAX link or listing online, then call him and ask him to supply you with a report. A CARFAX report is a good bartering tool as it can give you the history of the vehicle and help you determine what repairs may be needed as well as the actual mileage.

Give Careful Thought with Respect to your Selections
Visiting Atlanta car dealers online is good preparation for buying a car. Once you determine which cars you like, make a list of the benefits of each vehicle. For example, you may work in construction and need a small truck to haul your tools and equipment. Or, you may be a student who merely needs transportation to get to and from school. Give careful thought to what you are buying with respect to utility and economy. You might like the idea of a luxury vehicle, but a $500 down payment will lead you toward purchasing a vehicle that will provide you with your basic transportation needs.

Check out Online Financing Options
Check out financing online as well. Many car loans can be facilitated in Atlanta with a deposit of $500. In particular, subprime loans can be taken out for only $500 down, or even without a down payment. Take the initiative then to obtain a loan even if you have bad credit. No - you won't get as good of an interest rate but taking out such a loan gives you the opportunity to improve your credit score and obtain the transportation you need at the same time.

Choose a Reasonably Priced Vehcile
Just remember, whether you obtain a loan online or not, you have better chance for getting a loan if you choose a car that is not so pricey. As long as the amount you are financing isn't too great, you can find an auto dealer or lender in Atlanta that will be more than willing to see you put any type of equity towards the amount of your loan.

The Prerequisites for Obtaining a Car Loan
Keep in mind too the basic criteria for obtaining a loan - you must be at least 18 years old and have been employed for at least six months. In most cases, you can negotiate a deal for a car by meeting those two prerequisites alone.

Something is Better than Nothing
Using the above strategy, you should be able to finance a car for $500 down in the Atlanta metropolitan area. After all, something is better than nothing and the down payment is not necessarily set in stone.

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